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Recorded 5 April 2008 at the close of Boat Burning's first rehearsal with a drummer, "This Is Not A Road" (3:18) is an example of the accidental magic can occur when it's least expected:

"...'This Is Not A Road' was recorded very early on, when Boat Burning was just emerging from being a dual-guitar wall-of-noise project. We were working out our 'flow around damage' improvisational approach, and were curious to try it out with a percussionist. So, we invited Amps Do Furnish A Room's drummer Ken Friedman to sit in...

...Ken, a self-professed 'meat and potatoes' rock drummer, was initially leery about loose improvisation; but as the evening progressed it was clear the chemistry was right -- we just knew Ken was our guy.

Thinking we were done for the evening, Pete shut off his amp and began packing away his guitar, chatting with Ken who was still sitting at his kit. As I listened to their conversation, I kicked in the tremolo and starting casually playing the riff to what was to become "This Is Not A Road"... To his credit, Ken heard what I was up to and joined in on drums, and the whole thing just came together, right there in the moment, in the most natural possible way...

...Luckily, the tape was still rolling. What you hear on this track is exactly what transpired that evening: a single take, a single mike, and a single unique, throwaway moment that might otherwise have been lost..."

- Boat Burning's Andras Fekete on CFBX 92.5FM Kamloops Community Radio 9/3/2008


from ignition: selected improvs 2008​-​2012, released October 11, 2012
o Andras Fekete: Fender Telecaster Custom, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Dan-electro DE-1 Dan-Echo
o Ken Friedman: drums




BOAT BURNING Washington, D.C.

BOAT BURNING plays "maximal minimalism," an intricate hybrid that combines the wide-screen sweep of classical music with the sheer physical thrall of punk.

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